Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Fragment, Finished

Back in September, I posted about an ongoing project of English Wilton's: the recreation of a hall and stair runner for the Hanley Farm Museum in Medford, Oregon.  They've just installed it in time for their Christmas event, and have sent a photo; they're delighted, as are we! As previously mentioned, the only documentation they had was a tiny scrap of the original Brussels carpet, and with a fair amount of effort, we were able to divine the entirety of the complex repeat.  Our art department then rendered it as a digital prototype, yarns were dyed and woven and the results are pictured at left.

Keep an eye on this blog to see many other exciting projects we're working on including an incredibly complex recreation of an 1850s Rococo revival carpet for a house museum in the Midwest, a massive project in the central part of the country, and another one in the southern planation museum, to name but a few.  Remember, English Wilton provides the most experienced staff, fastest service and the affordability you'll find for historic Wilton, Brussels and Axminster carpets

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